Masturbating IS Great

Solo sex, self pleasure, or masturbation, is the latest hot topic. Even London escorts have started to talk about solo play and masturbation. During the lockdown and covid crisis, sales of sex toys have gone through the roof. Even for the hot girls at London escorts, it has been hard to hook up with sexy partners to have fun at night. Instead, many of the girls at London escorts have been forced into making up their own fun.

What do London escorts think about solo sex or solo play? Gemma who has been working for a north London escorts agency for the past 5 years, says that solo play is fun. As a matter of fact, she has been a solo player for the last three years. Our team was a bit surprised to hear that, so we asked her why. Gemma told us that combining a London escorts career with a relationship is not easy. That is why so many London escorts are into solo sex.

We asked Gemma to offer our readers some advice. Gemma said that she often talk to other hired companions about solo play. Most ladies who are new to solo play like to start off with one sex toy. But like Gemma said, you should not stop there. Starting off with one sex toy is just fine, but you do want to expand your horizons. Your body soon becomes used to one particular sex toy. After a while, you will find your solo play sessions less satisfying. The best device to start using are dildos and vibrators. As you get more experienced, you can start to explore what other toys are available. Does a sex toy have to be expensive? No, there is no reason why a sex device has to be expensive to be good.

One of the best things you can do, is to invest in a couple of different sex toys. Instead of just having one vibrator, make sure that you have a couple that you can play with when you want to pleasure yourself. Needless to say, most London escorts are perhaps a little bit less bashful about buying sex toys than other girls. They know it is okay to have sex toys and make the most out of your personal time when it comes to sexy fun.

Is it all about quickies? According to London escorts, solo play should never be about quickies. You should take just as much time to make sure that you enjoy the experience as you do when you have sex with someone else. Rushing the experience will make it less pleasurable. As a result, it could mean that you end up being disappointed when it comes to solo sex or solo play. In general, the more effort you put into solo sex, the more sexual pleasure you will get out of it. Make sure that you always have plenty of time to yourself, turn on a porno and take the time to pleasure yourself. It is fun and liberating so do not worry.

Sex with Strangers in London

One of my best friends that I work with at our London escorts will only have sex with strangers. She will only go to bed with men who she has met once or does not know very well. I know that all London escorts are pretty open-minded but I think that she is taking it to the extreme. She says that when she knows a man, he stops turning her on and she simply does not want to have sex with him.

I have a slightly different take on things and find that knowing a man really well turns me on more. Going to sex parties or joining swingers groups is not something new to cheap London escorts. I know many London escorts who get a serious kick out doing stuff like that in their spare time. It would not be my sort of thing, but I think that it is okay if you like to make the most out of your adult lifestyle.

What is so special about sex with strangers? I guess many London escorts would say that having sex with strangers is more exciting. After all, you really don’t know what that person likes and what turns him on. Will he turn you on? I think that is the first thing that I would have to ask myself. Yes, I have met men on London escorts who have turned me on like mad, but I have to admit that I have never felt the same way about a total stranger I have met in a bar or club.

Should you really have sex with strangers? If you do want to have sex with strangers, and not have to worry about anything, you need to make sure you protect yourself against STD. It is probably the first thing on all London escorts agenda, but I think that many ordinary girls may still be ignoring the fact that there is such a thing as STD’s around. I would also worry that a stranger would try to force himself on to me. It can happen and you need to bear that in mind.

If you don’t want to meet perfect strangers in clubs and bars in London, there are other places where you can meet them. My friend is a member of a forum where you can meet like-minded sexual partners. She will even spend time on her London escorts’ breaks checking out strangers on this particular forum. One thing is for sure, she is certainly dedicated to having sex with strangers. According to her, having sex with strangers is one of the most liberating experiences that you can have, and she does not want to give it up. If you would like to have sex with strangers, make sure that you follow all of the advice in this article. Always use protection and make sure that you meet on neutral territory or at your place. When you have sex with strangers, you want to make sure that you are in charge all of the time.