My Marriage Collapsed in Front of My Eye

Most girls probably dream about having the perfect husband and a dream relationship. But that does not always work out. Unfortunately, marriage can be hard work as we all know, and it may not turn out to be as great as we initially thought. I think that was one of the first things that I learned after having left London escorts to get married. Now I am not sure that leaving London escorts, or whatever job you do, to get married is such a great idea.

I think that most women have become so independent these days that it is hard for them to get married. I certainly became very independent when I worked for charlotte London escorts. When I look back in my life, it is clear that I have never been frightened of standing on my own two feet. I think that it may be good for you to know how to do that. My childhood was not the best, and I could just really rely on myself. School was not for me so I joined charlotte London escorts after a brief spell of working in a store.

I have to admit that I did dream about getting married. For some reason, I thought that finding the right man for me would fix everything, but it did not turn out that way. I did leave London escorts to get married but after a year, it became clear that things were not going to work out. We had met at charlotte London escorts and I thought that my husband was the right man for me. It turned out that he wanted to marry me just because I had been an escort.

After about three months of marriage, I did start to wonder what was going on. My husband spent more time away from our home than anything else. I realised that I had just become a carer and housekeeper. When I did not have my hands in the sink, I was cleaning the house or doing the laundry. Bit of a comedown from my glory days with charlotte London escorts. It simply was not me at all and I felt that I did not have any time to enjoy myself at all. It was all about doing what my husband wanted to do, and I did not feel that it worked for me.

Sometime later, I found that my husband had a mistress and I realised that it was part of his lifestyle. He loved being the king of the hill, and a wife was just a throwaway commodity to him. Like all other wives, I did try to change his ways but that did not seem to work for me at all. Sure, he was well off but I did not need the hassle. If you like, I am the ultimate proof why you should not marry someone you have met as an escort. We got a divorce, I went back to London escorts for a little while, but then I called it quits. Now I am busy trying to rebuild my life and I am afraid I don’t have room for a man in at the moment.

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