What Do You Like Most

Most men I date at London escorts seem to have a favorite part of the female anatomy if you know what I mean. Some men are into bums and other men are into tits. The funny thing is you can never tell what part of the body a man is going to be into. I would have thought that as I have been with London escorts for a long time, I should be able to tell. However, each time a guy walks in through my door, I guess wrong.
What makes men fascinated by different parts of the body? That is one of the things that I and many other London escorts have been contemplating for a while now. Could it be that the men who were breastfed for a long time became more fascinated by boobs than bums for instance? It would be interesting to know and I have long thought about asking at least some of the men I date at London escorts. What made him interested in my bum?

And then you have the men who like to date women with long legs? Is that because they are tall themselves and like women with long legs? It does make you wonder. Fortunately for you if you like women with long legs, there is plenty of choice at London escorts. I would even go as far as to say that you are spoiled for choice with all girls you can enjoy the company of at our local London escorts agency.

Blondes and brunettes are the most popular choices when it comes to dating London escorts. That does not mean all London escorts have blonde or brunette hair. You can enjoy the company of a wide variety of different women and hair colors right across London. If you are into booking Black charlotte London escorts you can enjoy their company as well. When it comes to exotic London escorts, you are free to take your pick these days as well.

What is the future of dating escorts in London? Dating London escorts is becoming increasingly popular. Most men who have a thing about dating London escorts, will probably always carry on doing so. I am grateful for that. However, I still would like to know why some men who like to date escorts in London prefer different types of girls. Is it just the way they have been programmed when it comes to going out with girls?

Perhaps it is part of your DNA and you can do anything about it. Then again, perhaps you have become programmed like a duckling. I really don’t know what the answer is but it would be interesting to find out. Maybe I should ask a behaviorist and found out how the human mind works when it comes to finding an attractive body shape? You never know, but at this stage, I am not even sure that science has all of the right answers when it comes to the fascination with the human body.